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Himalayan Pink Salt

Hand-mined from one of the oldest salt mine in the world, our unprocessed Himalayan salt stands as the purest edible salt, boasting an impressive 84 trace minerals essential for optimal health and vitality.

Our Product Description

Certified purity from the Himalayas: Prism Pink Salt, 100% natural and packed with 84+ essential minerals for optimal health and taste perfection.

Pure Origin

Mined from the clean foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan, Prism Pink Salt is a premium Pink Himalayan salt, 100% natural and organic.

Radiant Pink Hue

Mined from the clean foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan, Prism Pink Salt is a premium Pink Himalayan salt, 100% natural and organic.

Mineral-Rich Goodness

Packed with 84+ trace minerals and essential nutrients, this Pink Himalayan salt enhances the taste of your meals while providing a healthier alternative.

Best Healthy Salt

Recognized for its health benefits, Prism Pink Salt supports overall well-being by supplying vital minerals crucial for your body.

Best Cooking Salt

Voted as the #1 tasting salt, our Pink Himalayan salt elevates the flavors of your dishes, making it the preferred choice for discerning chefs and home cooks alike.

Certified Quality

Halal, Non-GMO, NFC Vegan Certified, and OU Kosher certified, Prism Pink Salt adheres to the highest standards, ensuring purity and quality.

Impurity-Free Assurance

Free from impurities and harsh chemicals, Prism Pink Salt guarantees a clean and pure salt experience for you and your family.

Convenient Packaging

Sealed in a zip-lock bag, Prism Pink Salt ensures freshness, easy use, and exceptional quality, making it a convenient addition to your kitchen

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1g

From Fine to Chunk

Sizes Details

 From Fine to Chunk: Prism Pink Salt, Tailored for Every Taste and Use.

Running salt
Size 20 to 50 Mesh

Light Pink

Running salt
Size 20 to 50 Mesh

Medium Pink

Running salt
Size 20 to 50 Mesh

Dark Pink


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Frequently Asked Question

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Pink salt also known as Himalayan Pink Salt, often sourced from the Himalayan Mountains, Natural and unrefined salt characterized by its distinctive pink hue, attributed to trace minerals. Renowned for its potential health benefits and culinary versatility, it adds a unique touch to dishes.

Pink salt, such as Himalayan salt, contains trace minerals that give it a pink hue and a slightly different flavor profile compared to regular table salt. While both serve as sodium sources, pink salt is often chosen for its perceived health benefits and unique mineral content.

Pink salt, like Himalayan salt, is considered a healthier option by some due to its trace mineral content. While it’s a source of minerals, its health benefits may be modest, and moderation in overall salt intake is advisable for a balanced diet.


Himalayan Pink salt primarily originates from the Khewra Salt Mine in the Jhelum District of Punjab, Pakistan. Despite its name, the mine is situated in the Salt Range foothills, extending across the entire province of Punjab. The unique geological composition of this region contributes to the distinctive qualities of Himalayan Pink salt.

Ans: Himalayan pink salt stands out for its skin-friendly properties, effectively absorbing impurities, balancing pH levels, moisturizing dry skin, and reducing inflammation. This natural skincare ally offers a holistic approach to promoting skin health and radiance. Contact Us

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